A game about brotherhood, magic, trials, and errors.

RezPlz is a 2D puzzle platformer with a unique mechanic. Players will have to fight their way through caves and castles and frequently sacrifice themselves to overcome obstacles. Then use their magic powers to resurrect each other. Players unlock new abilities along the way, but the key to success is teamwork.

REZ PLZ is still in development, but here are some sneak peeks of the game so far.

We decided to spruce things up by adding some lighting effects that are affected by players, enemies and objects

This is the kind of challenging obstacle you will find in the gauntlet bonus levels

Maybe size does matter

Brothers don't always get along

This one's for the devlog enthusiasts. We decided to make the corpses dissolve while the players were being resurrected. We achieved this by making the player's body be replaced by a separate corpse object on the last frame of the spike death animation. On the same frame the player is turned invisible.