A game about brotherhood, magic, trials, and errors.

RezPlz is a 2D puzzle platformer with a unique mechanic. Players will have to fight their way through caves and castles and frequently sacrifice themselves to overcome obstacles. Then use their magic powers to resurrect each other. Players unlock new abilities along the way, but the key to success is teamwork.

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  • Developer: Long Neck Games; Based in Portland, OR

  • Release Date: TBD

  • Platforms: PC (consoles pending)

  • Website:

  • Price: -

  • ESRB: pending (M)

  • Press/Biz contact:

  • Social: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter/Youtube


REZPLZ is a pixel art puzzle-platformer where  1 or 2 players control two wizard brothers who possess the power of resurrection. The game features traditional platforming elements, dangerous enemies and puzzle elements that require the player to KILL one of the wizard brothers to advance.  In REZPLZ, death is just part of the adventure.


REZPLZ is about working together, being clever, and taking chances. In true old school fashion, everything can kill you in one hit, and there are tons of hazards, traps and monsters that want to kill you. As the brothers progress, they will unlock new spells that they haven't quite mastered yet, but do allow them some new tricks in order to progress in the game. 


In the most dire time in history, the fate of the world is in the unlikely hands of two apprentice wizards, Arcan and Zeph. They are not heroes, they're barely even students of heroes. in fact, they don't know any spells really. The only magic they have is a scroll allowing them to resurrect each other if they are accidentally killed bumbling up a spell during their studies.

They are not necessarily made up of the” stuff of heroes”, but they are the only hope humanity has. After a thousand year pact, an order of wizards have decided to upset the balance and destroy all other magic in the world in an ascent to absolute control and power.



  • 5 unique WIzard's keeps to conquer each with it's own unique challenges and monsters

  • unique pixel art style that combines the heritage of retro classics with a touch of modern tech

  • Tight, retro inspired platforming mechanics and controls designed for single player or local co-op play

  • tons of unlockable cosmetic items, as well as unlockable gauntlet levels to test your prowess

  • bonus modes such as PVP foot race mode



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