Play the REZPLZ demo Today!

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  • The demo is for windows only at the moment.

  • Playing with a controller is recommended. Keyboard is supported.

  • This game is currently in development, so please let us know if you encounter any issues or bugs.

  • Click Here if you need further instructions.

  • Please fill out the feedback form if you feel so inclined


-Update 1/11/19-

The tutorial text will automatically switch between keyboard and mouse or Xbox

Smaller download size

Minor performance optimization

-Update 10/22/18-

The demo has been updated to match the build we showed at PRGE

The new demo includes

1. A new intro sequence

2. You can now hold small objects while grabbing ledges

3. New secret skullerfly skins

-Update 11/18/17-

Dpad support

Improved camera  behavior

Mask glitch fixed

-Update 11/14/17-

New and improved chain swing physics

-Update 9/10/17-

Added a how to pick up objects tutorial section

You can now turn goats into guts if you quickly attack them over and over

-Update 9/9/17-

Added code to protect players from pushing each other off ledges

Brightened the foreground to make for better visibility

Fixed a minor wall jump glitch

Fixed wall drag animation glitch

Updated race score screen

Widened corpse collider on the NPC spike corpse

Widened the collider on the player's head while they melt in lava

Time is measured in actual time now :)

-Update 9/2/17-

Fixed camera glitch

-Update 8/13/2017-

Added the reaper

New background

-Update 5/7/17-

Made it possible to grab ledges while carrying objects (drop object)

Removed unnecessary ledge colliders

Added a sneak preview trailer after the demo

-Update 5/2/17-

Added more movement sounds

Adjusted attack effects to show that your staffs are not just pretty sticks

Fixed a rare animation bug

-Update 4/7/17-

Fixed wax stamp for scoring

Changed wall jump mechanic (infinite wall jump/farther wall jump)

Fixed spike death glitch

improved camera behaviour

-Update 3/31/17-

New Demo!

Improved scoring

Added controls (Carry and throw objects)

Improved intro sequence

Removed Credits


-Update 10/5/16-

Keyboard control glitch fixed

Added credits with performance based scoring

Pause menu sound controls updated

-Update 10/6/16-

New level select screen

New controls screen

New boss intro music and boss track

-Update 10/7/16-

Updated PC controls (thanks Bob)

Added PC controls to the pause menu

Having issues with the Mac download

-Update 10/12/2016-

Updated sounds in menu and level

Fixed fire ball glitches

Made lazarus stones purpose more obvious

-Update 10/27/2016-

New intro sequence

improved wall jump mechanics

Treasure chest under repair. (updating the graphics)

Minor aesthetic changes

New scoring system